Basil Alkazzi title

[pronounced Bazil Alk'ezzi]

A prolific and compulsive painter, Basil Alkazzi has exhibited regularly in London, and in the United States. His long and distinguished career spans four decades. His work is in the collections of a great many museums in the USA and in Europe.

Basil Alkazzi’s paintings are transfused with a mystic sense of light while he employs a very modern vocabulary of form. The delicate abstractions float highly varied forms in a sea of space. They embrace the transcendent powers of abstraction.

He has always, from time to time, found the need to withdraw from the pressures of exhibitions, in order to create a new body of work, to concentrate upon and to explore the range and fecundity of his talent, and the techniques for expressing them. His vibrant body of new work displays a much greater sense of freedom and command of his métier.

In his recent paintings Basil Alkazzi continues the quest to pursue an intensely felt vision. There is a deep meditation on nature, reaching towards the core of celebration let loose in a sensory world of nature’s own sensual and mysterious Life-force.

A cosmopolitan, he has traveled extensively and for long periods of time through the whole of Western Europe, and for a time he lived in Greece. Since 1985 he became enamored with America, and all that it stands for and aspires to, and since when he continued to spend long periods of time in New York. He now resides in the Principality of Monaco, in the south of France.

His generosity to other artists took on the form of endowments and awards. In 1986 he established The Basil H. Alkazzi Foundation Awards at the eminent Royal College of Art, London with an endowment set in trust and perpetuity. He himself continues to judge these awards, along with an invited guest co-judge.

In 1987 he established The Basil H. Alkazzi Award (USA) for young and emerging painters in America. Two years later in commemoration, The Sheldon Bergh Award (USA) was created for the best runner-up to the main award. The purpose of these awards was in essence to give the recipient a means to withdraw, re-nourish, and create a new body of work without much outside pressure. As the number of applications grew, the running of the awards occupied some three months of Basil Alkazzi's own personal time. It is because these two awards consumed so much of his own creative time and energy, that they were suspended in 2000.

In 2010 he established The Basil H. Alkazzi Award For Excellence, two triennial awards, at the New York Foundation for the Arts. "We live in a fast moving culture that grows increasingly more abstract, away from the physical touch, away from the physical ground of being- away from the act of creation by hand. I want, in my own way, to encourage the glorious expression of pencil, brush and paint, and to nurture the kind of artist and the kind of art that I like and respect."

His Charity work includes major annual support for The East Anglia Children's Hospice, UK; Mission Enfance, Monaco; and Monaco Aide & Presence, Monaco.